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Women, Peace and Security Agenda, “UN Resolution 1325”

On the occasion of the twenty-third anniversary of the approval of United Nations Resolutions 1325, which gave rise to the creation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, the Spanish-French Friendship Association Mujeres Avenir and the Spanish Women in International Security (SWIIS), established within the Association of Spanish Graduates in Security and Defense (ADESyD), collaborated in the celebration of an evento under the theme “Women, Peace and Security”.

The main objective is to raise awareness in society about the importance of implementing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, promote female leadership, and highlight the role of women as builders of a more inclusive and sustainable culture of peace.

The event was moderated by Eugenia Hernández, Director of UNINT, the intelligence análisis unit of Economic Intelligence and International Relations at UAM, and Gaëlle Lecomte, Representative of French citizens living abroad, and Eva María Ara Montojo, from the Division of the Ministry of Defense.

The evento concluded with a video message from Birame Diop, General of the Air, Military Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General, and Member of the Board of Honor of ADESyD SWIIS.

Our Directo, Lourdes Sánchez-Cervera, as a member of the Board of Directors of Mujeres Avenir, actively participated in the evento and subsequent discusión.

The event took place at the Club Financiero Génova on the 17th October.


Panel of speakers

Lourdes Sánchez-Cervera, María Luisa de Contes, Eugenia Hernández and Rebeca Avila

Our Director with a group of attendees at the event

Birame Diop. Air Force General, Military Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.