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Spanish Language Day

Spanish Language Day

Tomorrow, April 23rd, Spanish Language Day is celebrated at the United Nations in order to further promote the history, culture, and usage of this language.

April 23th, 1616

And you might wonder, “Why has this specific day been chosen and not another?” The answer is quite simple: on April 23rd, 1616, Miguel de Cervantes, the most prestigious writer in the history of our literature, was buried. Although many may think he died on the same day as William Shakespeare, the truth is he passed away a day earlier; the 23rd was the date of his burial. Hence, Spanish Language Day is celebrated today and not on another day.

In Madrid, a hub of cultural encounters, a cosmopolitan city where Spanish resonates in every corner, its role as a language for interaction and communication among diverse cultures is highlighted.

Importance of Spanish

In our school, located in the heart of the capital, we have witnessed the growing interest from international students in mastering the Spanish language. If you think that English remains the most spoken language in the world, allow us to correct you, as Spanish has many more speakers: 480 million natives compared to 380 million.

With innovative methodology and highly qualified teachers, Interlinco Formación offers programs tailored to the needs of each student, from intensive courses to private classes.

International Spanish Language Day is an occasion to reflect on the positive impact this language has on the lives of millions of people worldwide. From Latin America to Spain, Spanish continues to be a symbol of identity and a means of expression for a wide diversity of speakers.