Portuguese Course

Our Portuguese courses place special emphasis on oral expression and comprehension and focus on precise didactic and grammatical objectives for each level.

Courses are taught by experienced Portuguese or Brazilian teachers, who are native speakers of Portuguese. In this way, students make the most of every hour of class with a highly qualified teacher, obtaining an overall grasp of the language and an intensive language learning experience.


We provide Portuguese classes, which are highly communicative, focusing on both general and specialised Portuguese. The classes are dynamic and highly interactive, following the objectives proposed at the beginning of the course. Classes are delivered in very small groups (3 to 8 people) and students take a placement test before the start of the course to make sure they are assigned to the right level.

More Info:

We also offer private or semi-private Portuguese courses (for 1 or 2 students) with programmes to meet your needs and full flexibility with regard to timetables and location.