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CREDIT RESERVE FOR TRAINING – FUNDAE (Spanish Foundation for Employment and Training)

Many companies are interested in the credit that their company is entitled to, for the training of their employees -including language courses-, which, according to current regulations, they may deduct from their Social security payments. This credit is calculated on the basis of the amount allocated to employees training, as well as the average workforce of the previous year:

Every year, all companies are granted by the Spanish State a training credit which, in the case of companies with less than 50 employees, can also be accumulated if they do not wish to use it in the current year To do so, it is necessary to access the Fundae platform, register and tick the corresponding box before 30 June.

Law 30/2015, of 9 September, which regulates the Professional Training System for employment in the workplace. Article 9. Training programmed by companies.

4. (…..) Companies with fewer than 50 workers may communicate, within the first months of each financial year, their willingness to reserve the credit of the current financial year in order to accumulate it up to the credit of the following two financial years. .

Interlinco is an authorised manager of FUNDAE and can help you with this procedure. Contact us before June 30 in order not to loose any credit.